Upalet, the cardboard pallet


Úpalet®, the cardboard pallet, is an innovative, sustainable and lightweight

product, which offers the same robustness of a traditional wooden pallet.

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The lightest carboard pallet. 


One of Úpalet’s® most notable characteristics is its weight.

Standard sizesfrom 2.2 lb. (1 kg) to 18 lb. (8 kg), compared with

traditional US wood palletswhich range between 33 lb. (15 kg)

and 48 lb. (22 kg).

Reduces  CO2.


It is much lighter than its wood or plastic equivalents

on the market, thus reducing costs, fossil fuel consumption

and CO2 emissions associated with the transport of goods,

even allowing their transport by air.



Because of its interlaced stacking shape, the Úpalet®

cardboard pallet can be stored much more compactly,

reducing space and optimising transport and storage.



Úpalet® is accessible from all 4 sides, making it easy to

handle throughout the supply chain. The columns are

customizables depending on the technical needs.


Ecological. Recyclable. Sustainable.


The cardboard pallet is 100% recyclable, so its disposal at the end of its useful

life does not entail a cost for the owner, but has a residual value that allows

the owner to recover part of its investment.



Developed with environmentally friendly materials.

It also reduces the CO2 footprint.



Made from 100% recycled and sustainable materials.

At the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled

and recovered up to 10% of its cost.

No phytosanitary treatment


With no additional requirement for export/import

documents for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM 15,

custom clearance will speed up.




No splinters, nails or staples, coupled with its light weight,

means that the risk for occupational accidents is greatly

minimized. Perfect choice for pharma and food

shipments/storage. Works well in cold storage.

No chemical treatments.


It does not have the chemical treatments that are applied

on other pallets to avoid the nesting of fungi and parasites,

as it is not necessary. This reduces the risk of contamination,

protecting human health and the product being transported.

Complies with phytosanitary regulations




No additional documentation is required for exportation purposes as unlike wood, paper does not require thermic nor phytosanitary treatment(NIMF15), therefore

complying with international regulations. Complies with Law 11/1997 for packagaging and packing waste. The Upalet® cardboard pallet due to its

interlacing stacking system can be stored in a much more compact form, reducing space and optimizing transport and storage.

Extraordinary impact resistance.


The exclusive, patented mounting system allows

for extraordinary forklift resistance compared to other

cardboard pallet models.

High load capacity.


The concentric tubes that make up the pallet columns

are inserted into the upper and lower plates, so that the

column is firmly anchored to the pallet platform.

PLanos productivos UPALET

Strong. Tested. Innovative.




Standard models have a load capacity of 440 lb.

(200 kg) to 1,760 lb. (800 kg) but can be customized

to carry up to 13,000 lb. (6,000 kg).



Our “logistics” version is ISO8611 (ASTM D1185) certified,

making it suitable for robotic warehouse operations.



Developed by our R+D+i department, it represents

a product that will set the trend.

Presentacion de productos uPALET



A wide selection of customizable choices are available:

size, load capacity, height, surface finishes, water or

fire resistance, integration with other packaging

materials and more…



Branding. Opportunity to build brand recognition by

special print or color on pillars or/and flat surfaces.

Suitable for Point of Sale merchandise.