A more efficient, practical
and ecological pallet


Better logistical

Ecological. Recyclable. Sustainable.


The cardboard pallet is 100% recyclable, so its disposal at the end of

its useful life does not entail a cost for the owner, but has a residual

value that allows the owner to recover part of its investment.


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Upalet customer reviews.

Upalet is the only paper pallet in the world which allows logistic optimizations with all the cardboard advantages – 100% recycled and recyclable material – but without the disadvantages of conventional pallets.


 Lower shipping cost as it weighs 90% less compared to conventional pallets. Faster, more practical and optimized logistic process. And ISPM 15 exempt, less documentation needed.


Reduces carbon footprint, 13gr/km. A product made from 100% recycled, renewable and biodegradable materials. More environmentally friendly. No plastic or virgin wood use.


Custom made size, height, load capacity and graphics. Ergonomic and safe. Lightweight. No splinters, nails or staples. Upalet depicts innovation and a cutting-edge approach.