Better logistical solutions
A more efficient, practical and ecological pallet

100% recycled and resistant
cardboard pallets

The only pallet in the world that allows you to optimize your logistics with all the advantages of 100% recycled cardboard and the resistance technically equivalent to wood and plastic, without their drawbacks. Tested by authorized control bodies.









A sustainable vision and goals

3 factories, 130 employees, 45,000 tons of annual production. An IPS certified sustainable company and integrated robotics. Aligned against climate change in the EU’s “Horizon 2020” framework

Improve your efficiency

You will make transportation profitable because it weighs 10 times less than wooden pallets
and plastic.

You will save and manage the global logistics process in a faster, more practical and optimized way.

You will be exempt from complying with the ISPM15 regulation, saving on complications.

Green company

You reduce the carbon footprint 13 gr / km. You will use a 100% recycled, renewable and biodegradable product.

You thus improve your green brand image.

You are free to use wood and plastic. You will be more ecological and reinforce your green image.

Increase your efficiency

You can customize your pallet in measurements, resistance and image.

You will increase job safety by being free of nails, chips and other damages. You will enhance your image as an innovative company by using a product like Upalet.


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