Upalet is made byAlpesa., the largest producer of mandrels, tubes and cardboard cores on the Iberian Peninsula.


100% sustainable materials.

Quality Over Quantity

This familyowned business, which had its start in 1991 in Tavernes de la Valldigna Valencia-Spain, became a leader in the sector within just a few years. The achievements have been made possible thanks to the business’s know-how, technological advancement and implementation, product quality and close customer focus.
In 2014, Upalet was born. An important milestone in Alpesa history and revolution in the international logistic sector.


The success of Upalet and products associated with it, has allowed Alpesa to grow and continue to do so, internationally.

Innovation and excellent service

We innovate by offering customised solutions to all of our customers, manufacturing upon request, adapting our products to their commercial and technical requirements. All of this, together with our production capacity, flexibility and different production locations, allows us to serve to any company size in an excellent manner.


Our products are manufactured with totally organic materials, originating from recycling. This allows for correct disposal so that the product can return to the recycling chain, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Find out more

Quality standards

We avail of a quality laboratory which undertakes various trials both on the raw materials and on the finished products, in order to ensure that all of our products comply with our quality standards. Find out more


We are a family company, and as such, we work with an approachable and friendly treatment. We transmit trust and create long-term relationships of value.